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About me

I am employed as a senior lecturer in clinical trials at Keele University. I qualified as a physiotherapist in 1998 from the University of Leeds and worked clinically in the UK NHS and private sector for a number of years. In 2007 I entered academia as a senior lecturer in physiotherapy at Sheffield Hallam University before moving to the University of Sheffield in 2011 to take up a research post.

In 2014 I completed a PhD relating to the assessment and management of rotator cuff tendinopathy. In addition to this I have  also undertaken further post-graduate clinical training as well as a Master’s Degree in Health Services Research and a Postgraduate certificate in Learning & Teaching in Higher Education.

I have, and continue to, lecture and facilitate courses across the UK, Europe and Australia. 

I have published widely in the field of musculoskeletal disorders and research methods, examples  include:

Littlewood C, Bateman M, Brown K, Bury J, Mawson S, May S, Walters S (2016). A self-managed single exercise programme versus usual physiotherapytreatment for rotator cuff tendinopathy: a randomized controlled trial (the SELF study). Clinical Rehabilitation, 30(7), 686-696.

Littlewood C, Malliaras P, Chance-Larsen K (2015). Therapeutic exercise for rotator cuff tendinopathy;a systematic review of contextual factors and prescription parameters. International Journal of Rehabilitation Research, 38(2), 95-106.

Littlewood C, Bateman M, Clark D, Selfe J, Watkinson D, Walton M, Funk L (2015). Rehabilitationfollowing repair of the rotator cuff: a systematic review. Shoulder & Elbow, 7, 115-124.

Littlewood C & Bateman M (2015). Rehabilitation following repair of the rotator cuff: a surveyof current UK practice. Shoulder & Elbow, 7, 193-204.

Littlewood C, Malliaras P, Mawson S, May S, Walters S (2014). Self-managed exercise versus usualphysiotherapy treatment for rotator cuff tendinopathy: a pilot randomisedcontrolled trial. Physiotherapy, 100, 54-60.

Littlewood C, Malliaras P, Mawson S, May S, Walters S (2014). Patients with rotator cuff tendinopathycan self-manage, but with certain caveats: a qualitative study. Physiotherapy, 100, 80-85.

Littlewood C, May S, Walters S (2013). A review of systematic reviews of the effectiveness of conservative interventions for rotator cuff disorders. Shoulder & Elbow, 5(3), 151-167.

Littlewood C, Malliaras P, Bateman M, Stace R, May S, Walters S (2013). The central nervous system - an additional consideration in 'rotatorcuff tendinopathy' and a potential basis for understanding response to loadedtherapeutic exercise. Manual Therapy, 18, 468-472.

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